Frequently Asked Questions

What industries do you specialise in?

We work across all industries. TASK is designed to suit all business types whether you work alone or as part of a larger company, we can create a package to suit you.

Our clients to date have been from a wide range of industries including Finance, Marketing, Health & Wellness, Beauty, Photography, Healthcare, Content Creation, Web Development and more.

Do I have to hire you as an employee?

We work as an independent company so you do not need to hire us an an employee.

How much does it cost to work with a PA?

The cost varies depending on your business requirements & how many hours of support you need. Once a contact form is completed we will be happy to create a package to suit you & your business.

What is the minimum amount of hours I have to agree to?

We offer a range of working options & are happy to discuss any requirements a business may have.

How do I become an Online Personal Assistant?

If you are interested in becoming an Online Personal Assistant & working with us, please complete a contact form & we will get in touch with you.